The feeder outside the kitchen window has been hit hard by the Chestnut-backed Chickadee in recent days.

I changed out the bird seed to include a mix. Nobody seemed to be going for the straight Sunflower seeds, but  something in this concoction is like catnip to the Chickadee. They will invariably knock a few seeds out that fall into the plants below, and another bird has started coming around to clean up. It’s not as decorative a bird as the Chickadee, and it took a while for me to identify it, being very new to the bird watching game. It’s the California Towhee, and is a ground forager, so this cleanup routine comes naturally. Here he is, waiting for the Chickadee to knock out a few more seeds.

I saw a couple more of these fellows showing up, and went outside to take a better picture. I noticed then that there were two crows sitting on the roof right above the Chickadee and Towhee feeding frenzy, and a mockingbird was also hanging out and enjoying the show. Birds watching birds.

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