I’m getting ready for the front yard picket fence to go in, and that means some of the plants are going to have to move. We had several box hedges along the sidewalk, which weren’t doing all that hot anyway, and there are two largish grass plants and some day lilies. We’ve generally favored plants from the ‘gas station ornamentals’ category, due to their durability and low maintenance. But this will be like the Permian Extinction event. Which plants will survive? Only time will tell. I will attempt to create favorable soil and water conditions for their new homes, but this will come as quite a shock to them nonetheless. I know I was severing some taproots when taking these guys out, and you have to figure that some of the plants won’t make it. Hopefully they have put their affairs in order. Here’s a shot of the yard, with some of the plants along the sidewalk before the upheaval. Those yellow flowers are Freesia; they come up every year around this time, and will likely persist after the new fence is in place.

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