They started on the front yard fence today.

Those tall posts along the fence line will be trimmed down tomorrow, and they’ll be adding 1×4 pickets in a scalloped pattern.  The fence along the sidewalk will be just over 3 ft. high, so passers-by will have full viewing rights to the front yard, as they have become accustomed over the years.  But it will give us a sense of enclosure once you walk through the gateway.  It already feels that way, and the thing’s not fully assembled yet.

I had a real Alec Guinness Bridge on the River Kwai “What have I done?” moment at lunch time, when I stopped by to check on the crew’s progress.  They had all the posts in at that point, but nothing else.  It looked like it was going to be a fortress, with those hefty 6×6 posts. Now that the trellis has been added and the rails are up for the pickets, and all their work stuff is cleared away, it looks much more like we had imagined. Should look real nice when they finish up tomorrow.  They did a great job with the trellis on top of the tall posts along the walkway.  They were aiming to build it to match the design we’ve used on my own trellis projects elsewhere on The Property, but I figured it would be a rough approximation that I would eventually learn to live with. But they got it right, even including the small notches in the crossbars that give you that “Lincoln Log” vibe. Did you know that Lincoln Logs were invented by Frank Lloyd Wright’s son? Now you do.

The little bird feeder is in harmony with the new fence. They’re using a variety of wood types in this project, so we may end up needing to stain this after all. My inclination would be to let it weather to gray, as all our other fences have, but maybe in this case a unifying color might not be a bad idea.

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