The fence is done, and the finished product is really close to what we had envisioned.

This is the drawing I made and gave to the guys who built it. I didn’t have measurements or anything, but we must have been on the same wavelength.

The key differences are in the number of fence posts; they have 3 ft spans between them, and my drawing has 6 ft. And my drawing indicates the fence would be lower – but the reality of my drawing would be a fence that’s about 2 ft. tall. There’s a descent of about a half a foot from right to left along the front of the house, and they built the fence so that it’s level from end to end. Hence, the left side is taller than the right, if you’re standing next to it. My drawing does not account for this.  My tall post trellis is lower as well – we would be hitting our foreheads on it, based on these dimensions. Anyway, it’s done, and we’re happy with it. It gives us a new space to enjoy outside where the kitty might feel free to lounge without worrying about free-roaming canines.

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