So here I am, just about to bring in the salmon and asparagus from the grill, when I hear this ungodly racket in the kitchen. What the… It’s not the stove, or the refrigerator, or the laundry – it’s coming from the ceiling fan! There was something rattling around in the exhaust flue above the fan! What to do? I went outside to look at the vent on the roof, and there was a mockingbird perched up there, who promptly took off. Back inside the kitchen, I can still hear this rattling sound. One of his buddies must be in there.  The flue isn’t a straight vertical shot from the fan to the roof; it makes a 45 degree turn and then exists through the chase for the old kitchen’s stove flue. There’s a cap on the vent, but he got in there somehow, obviously. But how will he get himself out? His little feet and wings were not finding purchase on the interior of this sheet metal flue. There’s a filter of some type on the top (I’ve never looked at it up close, but will definitely check it out now), and apparently just enough space for a mockingbird to slip through. These aren’t large birds, but they are quite spirited and vocal. We have a mockingbird nursery in the Lemon Bottlebrush tree, I discovered last weekend. I saw the parents fend of a crow attack. We might have Mr. or Mrs. Mockingbird in the exhaust vent now. Just then, the Resident Expert came home from the gym, and normally we would all then sit down to a nice dinner. Not tonight, however. I went up in the attic and separated the metal flue, and our friend came flying out, zipping around the limited airspace up there. He perched on the rafters and made a funny little sound, which I presume was the bird equivalent of “whoa… dude.” The attic has an opening to the attached garage, and I hoped that he would locate that, and once in the garage, exit through the open back door.  But he didn’t immediately get the big picture, so I put some bird seed on the ledge between the attic and the garage, and left him alone to figure it out.

After dinner I went back to check, and saw no sign of our friend. The door to the garage is still open, just in case.

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