Let me just start by saying that I’m not a crazy person – it’s important that we’re clear on that at the outset. For years now, I’ve been hearing and commenting on a mysterious low frequency vibration detected at various places in the home. It would come and go, at regular times each day – louder on some days than on others. It’s like the 60 hertz hum you might hear from an appliance or ungrounded outlet. We certainly have our share of those within the home, but I’d ruled these out by turning off all the circuit breakers during one of my investigations.  Remember now, I am not a crazy person. I will cop to being Mr. Sensitive when it comes to sounds, generally, but can usually set aside my obsessive focus on whatever noise happens to be bugging me after a couple of weeks (looking at you, old refrigerator). But this sound has had me confounded for quite some time, and this morning I traced it to the source.

This is a PG&E transformer around the corner from our house. You can hear it plain as day when you’re anywhere close. As I mentioned before (again: not a crazy person), the sound starts up every day at the same time. Nowadays that’s right around 5:45 am, and I just happened to be going by this location on the morning run at that time. Sure enough, all was quiet, then a loud click, probably from an electrical relay switch, and then the familiar buzz started. Gotcha, mystery sound. Now all that would need to be done is get PG&E to come by and fix it. Maybe I am a crazy person.

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