After our Mockingbird home invasion last week, I thought I should probably put some sort of screen on top of that exhaust vent. But I ended up doing other more fun things last weekend, and figured; this has only happened once in almost ten years – I’ll get to it whenever. This seemed to be sound reasoning until yesterday morning, when the Resident Expert said “I think there’s another bird in there.”  Sure enough, another (maybe the same, who knows) mockingbird had fallen or intentionally dropped into the ductwork below the rooftop fan vent. And he was not at all inclined to leave the vent; I went up into the attic and separated the ducts so that he could easily fly out, like before, but he just went totally still. He was there when we returned home from work, and still in there this morning when we left. Maybe this was his plan all along, to live in there. I hope to be able to report that he has moved along when I check this out later today.

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