When I went up into the attic to check on our Mockingbird friend after work, he or she was no longer there. Just to be on the safe side, I removed the lower end of the duct from the top of the kitchen fan to see if the bird might have gone down that way. The bird wasn’t there, but I found this.

Now we have an explanation for why the bird was persisting in flying down into this vent, and why it wouldn’t leave when it had the opportunity yesterday. In any case, a sad end for the mockingbird nesting pair, but we have to admire them as parents. They did not want to give up. I’ve been checking to see what could be done now, but it seems that the egg would not be viable after this much time – especially if it’s been there since last week, and the more recent visit was another attempt to retrieve it. I’ve added a screen to the top of the vent, in case they try to come back again. I’ll place the egg outside near where the birds had been nesting tomorrow morning – maybe they’ll find it.

Here’s another picture, which gives you an idea of the size of this beautiful thing.

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