When we pulled up to the house after the evening commute, we saw one of your large tan dogs coming around the corner. I assumed this was Brownie, the geriatric labrador down that street. But no, this was an unfamiliar dog, wearing no collar. He’s a friendly chap, and promptly entered the front yard through the new gate, and settled down on the front porch. He would periodically wander out to the street to examine pedestrians, clearly looking for his owner. He was lost.

Now, you probably know that I lean towards the Cat when it comes to pet orientation, but the Dog has a lot going for it as well. This gent was as good a representative of the Dog organization as you are likely to meet. I would ask the passers-by if they knew him, and the would all say “no, but that’s a great dog.”  The cat was not sharing the enthusiasm, and let me hear all about it. I posted a note on the neighborhood’s social network site about the lost dog, along with the picture you see here. Just minutes after that, a car pulled up across the street and a lady came over to the house. Great! This must be the owner. “Is this your dog?”, she asked. Hey, that’s my line. “No, he just wandered in here.” She said that she’d seen him all around the neighborhood for the past couple of hours, and was going to take him to the vet (same vet we go to) to have him scanned for a microchip. Good plan, I thought. I didn’t want to have to watch over him, and also didn’t want him to wander off. Then another car pulls up. It’s the neighbor of the dog (Jack), and he’s very happy to have tracked him down. Apparently there was a search party out there. Jack ran over to him, jumped in the car, and headed home. I could see kitty looking through the screen at the dog, thinking, “high maintenance.” The whole escapade took about a half hour, and that’s just about enough dog ownership for me.

Crazy Chester followed me, and he caught me in the fog.
He said, “I will fix your rack, if you’ll take Jack, my dog.”
I said, “Wait a minute, Chester, you know I’m a peaceful man.”
He said, “That’s okay, boy, won’t you feed him when you can.”

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