A few new birds have found their way to the feeder this weekend – they’re common to the area, but we hadn’t noticed them until now. First off, we have the Dark-eyed Junco. Cool name.

Followed by the White-breasted Nuthatch.

I’ve seen the Nuthatch around occasionally, but he’s been a frequent visitor this weekend. We also spotted a pair of House Finches, the “man” Finch has the flashy red feathers. And a Western Scrub Jay favored us with a visit early in the morning. He was on the new fence, and hopped up on one of the copper fence post caps – there was some morning dew on that, and he slid right off. Handled that well though; he landed gracefully.

And what have we here? It’s a Nuttall’s Woodpecker. We hear them all the time, but they’re usually way up in some distant tree. I’ve never seen one until today, when this fellow took a rest in the maple tree, conveniently right outside the kitchen window.

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