My dashboard told me that the car’s oil life had reached 5%. I had to take the dashboard’s word for it – it knows more about these things than I do. To remedy the situation, I contacted the service station (are we still calling them that?) where I usually go via their web site and made an appointment. The response page told me to wait to hear that my appointment was confirmed before bringing the car in. I waited, but no confirmation came my way, so the morning of my appointment I called to see if I was on their schedule. The man said that they weren’t able to respond to my request because “the person who works the computer” was off that week. I’d provided my phone number in the appointment request, and this person knew how to work the phone, so they could have contacted me that way, but did not. I realize that these things happen, but it left me a little bit concerned about the quality of their work. I mean, my car has a computer.  That’s how it knew my oil life percent was real low. What if my car was in for repairs and the “person who works the computer” wasn’t available? The evidence suggests that they would skip anything computer-related. I think I’ll find another service station for my horseless carriage.

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