I’ve resurrected my old Timex Ironman watch for next week’s backpacking trip. On the Butano outing, I kept checking my phone for the time – we didn’t start until 3pm, and I was anxious to arrive before sunset. The Timex weighs next to nothing, and it has the spooky-cool Indiglo face, and so it merits inclusion in the backpacking rig. This watch last saw regular use during my marathon training days. I’m less concerned with how fast I’m running these days. In fact, I’d prefer not to know.

The watch battery was dead, and that proved to be a minor adventure getting it replaced. I found a guy on YouTube who showed how to remove the battery (it’s tricky). I made use of the tiny screwdriver set that was called into action for my recent Lumix repair – this thing is really coming in handy. I removed the really tiny screws from the back plate, but had to remove the watch band to get the plate off. Back to YouTube for more instructions. They said you needed a “pin tool”, and that most jewelers would have that. I am not a jeweler, and so we went back to the tiny screwdriver set to improvise. With my YouTube information, I understood how the pins worked, so it was not especially difficult to get the watchband off. The new battery went in, and the Timex came back to life. Getting the watchband back on was a tad more difficult, but I accomplished that without swearing.

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