I just found out the name of the architectural style to which our house belongs: Minimal Traditional. Not the greatest of names, you will agree – I’m going to use “MinTrad” instead, as that sounds more like a thing that you maybe should know about. I will try dropping that into conversation, should the topic of the house style ever arise. “It’s a late 1930’s mintrad.” Then see if people nod knowingly. If you read the description of this style at the link above, you will see that this approach to home building was smart back then, and suits the current times.

“Of the 20th century house styles, the Minimal Traditional is the most adaptable style to work with. It can be Mid-century Modern, classic cottage, or an edgy contemporary, without destroying its inherent character. Many were built as small houses with a tiny footprint of less than 1000 sq. ft. making it an ideal choice for 21st century sustainable design.”

No argument here. The old place is adapting nicely to the requirements of one cat in particular.


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