My political echo chamber tells me that the “you didn’t build that” comment by the president is being heavily used in opposition ads. I suppose that’s fine. The out of context quote is a time-honored tradition, although this seems to be getting a bit past its shelf life. For something as wildly deceptive as this one, it can be a good test of the campaign at the receiving end. You want to see them come back strong, with “Liar.” or something along those lines. This often goes unanswered, when a candidate wants to seem above the fray, or bets that the public will see it for what it is. They very likely do see through the chicanery, but still want the other candidate to come back with a strong response. At least I want to see that. And now I see that Sen. Reid has said that Romney didn’t pay any taxes for 10 years. He didn’t provide any evidence to back up the statement, and has been criticized for that, but I say this is just the thing we should be doing. What has been heard cannot be unheard. Let’s go a step further and manufacture some crazy out of context Romney quotes while we’re at it. Shouldn’t be too hard. Take this for example:

Americans are starting to think our future might not be as bright as our past.

Kind of a dismal appraisal of the country, taken at face value. But what if we quote it this way?

Americans are…not…bright.

Even though he never said this, now I’m mad at him anyway.

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