This has been quite a week. I spent most of it trying to avoid the proceedings in Tampa, but did tune in to the final night. My form of tuning in was reading Andrew Sullivan’s live blog, and following various people on Twitter. I couldn’t bring myself to actually watch the thing, so I missed seeing Eastwooding in real time. I figured something strange was happening when David Axelrod tweeted, “What is this?”

And now there’s the exaggerated claim by Mr. Ryan about his marathon time. He recalled running this at a 6:40 minute per mile pace, rather than his real-world 9:13. Now, I would have been totally happy with that pace. The finishing time of 4:01 might have bugged me – and it’s weird that he seems not to have run another one to see if he could break 4 hours. Instead, he converted his slightly below average (for his age/gender) pace to that of an elite status runner. Is that OK to do? If it’s not OK, how “not OK” do you consider it to be? It’s the kind of falsehood that would get you disqualified from running the Boston Marathon. I’m going to extend that, and say it also disqualifies you from being a candidate for Vice President of the United States.

One more thing about this episode that I find interesting. Apparently the last bastion of investigative journalism is the staff of Runners World magazine.

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