It’s taken a while, but I’ve finally developed a mild addiction to Twitter. I signed up for it years ago when it was a new thing, but didn’t see it as being useful to me. I know there’s a reason for the 140 character limit, but it seemed arbitrary. Like saying you can’t use the letter G. And I didn’t think of anything to say in the ensuing years, so I’ve just followed people, never actually tweeted. But some people are really good at Twitter, and I enjoy following them and seeing how the system gets used in unexpected ways (as in today’s #RomneyStrength meme).

Last night I dreamt that I was sending my first tweet, which was “Border States say: We have edges!” Now, I can’t say what my dream self has against border states, but nevertheless this is what I chose to communicate. Then, later on in the dream I went to check to see this on Twitter, and I saw that I had typed it incorrectly. It said “Butter States say: We have edges!” Which makes no sense. I then spent some of my dream time investigating whether tweets could be edited, which was frustrating and inconclusive. I see this as a cautionary tale, and it’s unlikely that I’ll be found in the real Twitterverse any time soon.

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