I have some information for you.

You know how people talk about “the environment” as if it’s an abstraction, like maybe some place that has a lot of trees? It turns out that we’re kind of in “the environment” all the time. And this past week I ran across a few news items that I would categorize in the “ain’t nature grand?” category. First off, I read that the Gulf fishery has rebounded strongly post Deepwater Horizon. Not so long ago people were theorizing that we’d broken the Gulf pretty bad. Indeed, we did, but the sea life is coming back nonetheless. Next, I looked in on the local salmon run, and that is going swimmingly as well. We are down with the Coho, and it looks like our consumption may proceed unchecked. Finally, today’s Chron reports that the grape harvest is looking really good; huge yields, and high quality grapes. Looks like we’re all set then. Thanks, environment!

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