Ye olde Mellowcat is attempting to get back up to speed with the running. I kind of backed off from the frequency and distance of said activity over the summer, and am now dealing with the consequences. Just super slow now. Which is fine; I like to take in the sights while running. But I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll get back anywhere near the pace I used to enjoy. That was just average, so it seems attainable, but I am not able to report any big advances in the past few weeks, so maybe this is my speed now. You know how you will see a fellow walking a dog, and it’s an older dog with the white furry face, the feet moving in short quick steps but not gaining a lot of ground, and loving every minute of it? That would be me.

Here’s my car in the Edgewood parking lot after last night’s trail run. I was the last guy off the trail, at least in part due to the reasons outlined above.

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