To get to places like this.

It was quite warm in our neighborhood, but I checked and it said that the temps over at the coast were in the mid 50’s. Sounds good to me; I was working on refinishing the deck most of the day, and could go for some cool breezes. And if the walk was mostly on level ground, I would be all for that as well. The destination was the Cowell-Purisima Coastal Trail, which I’d read about in a Facebook post by POST. The trail follows the bluffs above hidden coves and rocky points, and is accompanied by small farms and a few bridges over small creeks. Was real nice. There was a light fog, but no wind, so it was ideal for a stroll. We observed many birds coming through the mist; gulls, pelicans, kites, hawks, and a great blue heron. Most of the nation’s Brussels sprouts come from the fields along the coastline here, in case you were wondering where to extend your gratitude. Look at this; that warm glow in the background is the setting sun lighting up the hills about a quarter mile inland from the coast.

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