Kind of a last minute decision, but we jaunted up to SF for Hardly Strictly Bluegrass yesterday, and I’m so glad we did. It’s really super crowded now, but if you accept that and just deal, it is a fun thing to do. Especially this year, because the weather was fantastic and it coincided with Fleet Week so the Blue Angels were in town. I didn’t know that their aeronautic show included other kinds of planes, so when I saw a United 747 flying low over San Francisco and descending towards the Bay, I was understandably concerned. They also had a 727 and several other Navy jets, and we got to see many of those from Golden Gate Park as we wandered around. We have a pretty good routine now for this annual event, which allow us to get a late start, find close-in parking, and move about unencumbered. Can’t really tell you what our routine is though – sorry. Our first stop is traditionally the Arrow stage, and we got there right at the start of the set by Un-named Band. Why un-named? Because I didn’t care for them all that much, but didn’t stay long to listen and knew nothing about them so I won’t besmirch their (possibly) good name with some off-hand comment. We then wandered unencumbered over to catch the end of the Lumineers show. I will seek out more after the little bit of live music we heard. Our main objective was to hear Patty Griffin. We found a good spot to see the stage and listen up on the hillside near Fulton St. – we had to work the periphery of the festival by the late afternoon, due to the too many people. I have a cell phone picture, which is no good, but you can kind of see Patty.

We moved a little farther along the hillside and were able to view the show without this nice chain-link fence in front of us.

The Resident Expert planned ahead and made Chicken Salad sandwiches for us, and we found a good spot to consume those in the bleachers at the Soccer and Polo Fields and listened to the Cowboy Junkies, who were playing nearby.

Quite a day.

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