Yesterday afternoon we took a walk around the neighborhood, and right of the bat we saw three cats. Not surprising, in that there are a lot of cats around here, but a typical walk might net around four cat sightings total. So we are off to a great start. Continuing on our walk, and around the next corner is where there are usually two cats sleeping on top of the cars in the driveway, so we could be looking at a five-spot within the first few minutes of our walk. But the people across the street from that house were making a ton of noise, so these cats found some other, better place to be. Too bad, not only for our cat count, but one of them is a friendly chap. However, in the next block a little white and gray cat saw us coming and trotted down the sidewalk to greet us. We’re up to four cats now. Looking good! My all time record for a cat census stands at nine; that was on a very hot day, and the last cat I saw was on someone’s roof. Do not ask me why. Then we turned another corner, and I see an orange guy walking across the street. Five. We walked down to the house to get a better look at him, but he was nowhere to be seen. As luck would have it though, a dark tabby was staring at the front door of the next house, waiting to be let in. (Our walk occurred at the kitty dinner hour.) So now we’re at six cats, and we’re only about halfway through our walk. Starting to think we’re going to break that record! But then the trail goes cold. Another block; no cats. I saw the dark outline of a cat near someone’s front door, and it turned out to be some kind of yard decoration. Very disappointing (but I would like to find out where they got that cool yard decoration). Then we walked a few blocks along some busy street, where there was no hope of seeing a cat, and turned back for home. Wait, what’s that over there? See, on top of that car? It’s a cat! Number seven. Two cats away from the record. Hey! There’s another one! A nice tuxedo cat, chillin’ on somebody’s front lawn. Just one more to tie the record, and two more sets a new, double-digit cat census mark. Now, I know for a fact that there are more cats between us and our house, as I’ve given this neighborhood a thorough cat scan over the years. We were only a few houses away from where “Governor Moonbeam” ( a big white cat) lives, and right across from his house is the home of “Yard” (a cat we sometimes see in their front yard). After that, we have the cat who sleeps in the sun in front of the garage door on sunny days, and the black cat I saw that one time at some other house. Unfortunately, none of these cats, or any other cat, crossed our path for the remainder of our walk. And so we logged a respectable eight cats on the walk.

One thought on “ Cat Census ”

  1. very impressive; sorry we could not muster up a cat viewing for you of our Idaho yard touring cat (Basher) however yesterday on our way out to Thanksgiving dinner we saw a great horned owl perched in one of our honey locust trees that border the driveway. And, as we have decided, they look somewhat like cats.

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