The storm series has come to an end, and we have some epic rainfall totals around the Bay. Close to home, the nearby weather station reported almost 7 in. of rain for the 5-day duration, which is basically about half the year’s normal total. Last night I re-read the essay “Los Angeles Against the Mountains” in John McPhee’s collection, The Control of Nature. It talks about the efforts to contain debris flows coming off the San Gabriel mountains during major storms. There are a few things that have to line up correctly for the destructive debris flows to start moving, including recent fires in chaparral, and the final storm in the series is usually the most potent. We haven’t had any fires around here lately, and probably needed one more storm to cause widespread earth movements, but we did see minor slides along the trail on our Russian Ridge hike.


What’s Thomas doing here, you ask? I found him along the Ancient Oaks trail in Russian Ridge. You can see that his face is half broken off. My hiking companion said, “that’s probably why they threw it on the ground”. All aboard the Pineapple Express.

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