While Clint was talking to a chair at the RNC last summer, David Axelrod tweeted, “What is this?”. I had the same question as I started watching Every Which Way But Loose, which has Clint driving around the San Fernando Valley randomly picking fights with people. He also visits Denver. It goes without saying that he has an orangutan. There isn’t what you would call a story arc, though, or discernable plot. This was more like, start filming things, then eventually stop filming. Maybe they ran out of film. I enjoyed this immensely.

I’ve been working my way through the available 1970’s era films in Netflix streaming, and lacking anything more enticing went with this. So glad I did. The orangutan character, Clyde, steals every scene he is in, although it’s a very close call when he’s in scenes with Ruth Gordon, who portrays “Ma”. They must have realized that these two were stealing the show, because you don’t see as much of them as time passes. Clint has a sidekick named Orville who telegraphs any upcoming fistfights by rotating his baseball cap brim from front to back. Sometimes it’s slightly off center, which may indicate a slight potential of a fistfight breaking out, sort of like a fisticuffs weather vane.

Recommended. You too will ask, “what is this?”.

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