It used to be that the cat would tolerate being pet for eight seconds. Exactly. After the :08 clock ran out, you’d best have a sturdy set of petting gloves at the ready. But who could resist continuing the pet for another second or two? She’s so soft. All of a sudden though, kitty has gone to the other extreme and is demanding essentially non-stop petting. What the hell happened? Every time I walk near the den, which is her favorite petting ground due to the ample carpeted space, she’ll holler at me and trundle on in there. Once she saw me headed that way and raced in front of me, launched into the air and did a barrel roll, letting out one of her “ha-ra!” squawks and landing petting-side first. It’s getting to be a bit much. This cat petting can go on for 15 minutes or so (seems longer). Those of you who know the cat may find this hard to believe. You probably know her from here slashing and biting days, and to be honest, there is a flurry of tooth and claw action eventually, a finale we call the Maelstrom of Sharp. But she seems more conflicted about it now. I wonder if it would be possible for a person to be so transformed. Go for years as a standoffish, aloof, and hostile individual, and then suddenly demand nearly nonstop interaction. Speaking for myself, I rather doubt it.

pet cat

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