At some point in the distant past, we asked Cats to come out of the wilderness and join us in the civilized world. Knowing cats as I do, it is no surprise that the mercenary core of the species quickly determined that Civilization was a good bargain. Still, we see evidence of the Cat hedging its bets and living in feral colonies on the edge of society. Would they do so if not for Civilization’s dumpsters? Hard to say. What I’m getting at here is that we asked Cats to be part of our domesticated world, and they said “Sure, why not.”. But there are times when your kitty will require some assistance with personal problems that maybe it could figure out on its own in the wild, and now must rely on you. Could be a generous and continuous supply of food, a cozy nest of high quality blankets, or frequent visits to a veterinarian that’s more highly skilled than my HMO doctor. Whatever: part of the deal. For their part, the cats will destroy our furniture, and every once in a while leave half of a rodent in the kitchen.

Today, our resident cat started acting very strangely. Darting around, hiding behind our (partially destroyed) furniture, not eating or drinking. Just acting weird. I immediately assumed the worst, and figured she’d swallowed a rubber band or something. Have to start somewhere when diagnosing a mystery cat ailment, so why not with the worst case scenario? But after we all went our separate ways for a while, we eventually discovered that she was upset about not being as “tidy” as she prefers to be, and needed a little help “tidying up”. Now everything’s back to normal, here in Civilization.

mystery cat

Look for a white spot left of center, and you will be looking at the nice white face of a feral cat along the coastal trail at Cowell Ranch.

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