The state of affairs along the freeways in Santa Clara County is deteriorating. We start our daily trek along 280 in San Mateo County, and once we cross the SC county line, the trash starts to accumulate. I don’t see people tossing debris out of their windows, nor have I seen random objects falling off the many vehicles. Nevertheless, the roadside is an absolute mess. Is someone looking into this? I’d rather not see this every day – it causes anxiety for the neat-freak within. One of the random objects we’ve been monitoring is a large (let’s say 2 ft. tall) stuffed-animal monkey that appeared in an upright position along the 280/880 interchange sometime after Thanksgiving. He’s been there every day, through rainy days and frosty nights. He slowly began breaking down due to exposure, and for the last week was face down in the mud. They’re working on this part of the freeway now, probably creating a wider shoulder area for more trash to pile up on, and this morning we saw a worker guy pick up Freeway Monkey and toss him into a trash bag. So ends our tale.

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