We’ve had a good start to the rainy season, and the next few days will be warm and sunny, so we can expect the yard to be completely covered in oxalis soon. I’ve already been out there attacking this pesky plant, but the war always ends up a stalemate at best, or a quagmire at worst. I like to maintain a tidy presence out front for the passers-by, and the too-bright yellow of the oxalis flower is messing with my scene. Probably my weeding activity somehow unintentionally helps to propagate the plant ever more widely. I know there are some who say that you should just let it run totally wild and it will die out on its own when the rain stops. Odds are good that people who share this point of view will be your next-door neighbors if you are attempting to police an oxalis-free zone. Should I grant this die-hard weed some respect for it’s resilience against a superior force? You might as well ask the Soviet Union how it feels about the Afghan mujahideen.

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