We timed our walk just right, and made it back to the car at sunset.Sun sets

I’d hoped to spy whales on our walk, but they weren’t available. Brought my new binos just in case, and those came in handy for bird observations. This is the Cowell Ranch Beach Trail, which we’ve visited twice before, in a late summer fog and early winter rain. We’re currently in a mid-winter lull in the rains, just getting the high cloud fringes of storm systems moving through the Pacific Northwest. Hence the awesome sunset. The ocean turned this lilac color for just a few seconds.

Here’s another thing I used the binoculars for: id’ing some birds in our neighbor dog Ozzie’s birch tree.

Cedar Waxwings

These are the Cedar Waxwings, who move through every year around this time to feast on our privet tree’s zillions of purple berries. They’re taking a break at the moment apparently. I thought maybe we were on their migration route, but they move around widely all the time looking for the high sugar content foods they favor. And they somehow know when our privet is at its peak, because they’re here every year for a couple of weeks. I hope to get a close up photo before they move along. They’re beautiful birds up close. These binoculars are great!

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