As a gesture of goodwill towards the birds, we put up a new feeder in the backyard. I thought after they read my recent pro-cat blog, defending our furry friends against charges of wanton bird slaughter, the birds might question my allegiance towards them. No need: we think birds are nice, and to show our hearts are in the right place they got a brand new feeder. It went up at the start of the work week, so I didn’t have a chance to see it in action until today. But boy, they were hitting it hard during the week! The deck had shell bits all over it, and I had to refill the feeder twice. So either this feeder was a big hit, or there’s a 30 lb. Chickadee in the neighborhood. This morning I saw a few house finches and goldfinches at the feeder, so we were off to a good start. Those birds are less common at the front yard feeder. Then, the birds let out an alarm squawk and blasted off into the cover of a nearby Live Oak. What gives? Oh. Oh no.


Wait a minute. Is this the reason why the feeder was getting hammered all week? He can’t reach the feeder, can he?


Nooooo! Thieveses! They stole the Precious from us. I added a loop of wire to the bird feeder hanger, so that it would be just more than one squirrel-length away from the trellis. Certainly that will keep him away. Squirrels can’t jump through the air and land on things, can they?


Oh my. This shall not stand. I removed the feeder and went to the Situation Room, where it was decided to acquire a thing that you hang bird feeders from instead of what I did originally. Here it is.

No right-thinking squirrel would attempt to attack the feeder now. But would the birds find it? Moments later:

first guest

Looks like they figured it out. You know, I would like to see a study from Science about how squirrels are basically eating the birds lunch. Science was pretty quick to come out with a study that made cats look bad. How about the squirrels? Science is quiet on this matter.

For the moment anyway, we have restored the peaceable kingdom.

Juniper Titmouse

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