Apparently we’re interested in birds all of a sudden, so we took part in the Great Backyard Bird Count last weekend. We scored a total of 14 different bird types at the backyard feeder. I told you about our squirrel problem back there; this required another defensive measure on our part. As you can see (at the 1 minute mark), they figured out how to climb the feeder’s metal post. Following this attack I added a clear plastic baffle on top of the feeder to keep the squirrels away.


You may find this useful – the eBird Range Map. You can see what birds have been spotted in your area. For example, our bird poster in the kitchen says that the Western Meadowlark is a common backyard bird in the West. Haven’t ever seen one, and I would like to, because there’s a nice illustration of it on my Powell’s Books coffee mug. So I checked the eBird and they in fact have been spotted in our area. Mostly along the Bay or the Coastside, not as commonly seen in the neighborhood.

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