Our backyard bird sanctuary is going strong; they really seem to like the new feeder, and our anti-squirrel measures have been mostly successful. Along with the feeder, we have a bird bath nearby, and a nesting box that is now inhabited by some Chickadees. They tossed out all the nesting material that came with the box and pecked out their own bed of wood shavings from the interior walls. Like everyone else in the neighborhood, they have the DIY bug. I’m surprised they aren’t firing up a chickadee-sized circular saw at 8:30 on Saturday morning.

To make things even nicer for our feathered friends, I rehabilitated the garden bed where the feeder stands. New soil, new plants, a rock garden with a variety of succulents – even a new top coat of mulch. Looks fantastic. Or I should saw “looked fantastic”. At some point in the overnight hours, a night animal (I guess) dug huge holes in the planting bed, tossing rocks and plants hither and yon, leaving behind a scene of botanical mayhem. The early bird Towhees were poking around anyway, hoping to find a stray sunflower seed, but even their tiny brains seemed to register that something was wrong. I think they prefer things to look nice, like anyone else.

I am calling out Raccoon, Opossum, and Skunk as likely suspects.

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