I’ve acquired a new camera, so expect to see a whole lot of cat pictures coming your way.

cat picture

I’ve had one of the Panasonic Lumix point and shoot cameras for a couple of years, and it has been terrific. Except for its Achilles heel, where the design of the telescoping lens has a tendency to vacuum dust particles in and on to the sensor. I complained about this last year. There’s a fix for it, but it requires some very careful (and warranty voiding) dismantling of the camera. And you never know when the dust might get in there, but odds are it will be at the start of your vacation. But in all other respects it is a fine camera, and my new camera is also a Lumix. It appears not to have the same vulnerability. My interest now is taking pictures of birds and other outdoorsy things I might see while hiking, so the new camera needed to be lightweight, with a telephoto lens. Something in between my compact point and shoot and a DSLR. And they have just the thing now, the ‘bridge camera’. I acquired the Lumix FZ200. This camera’s claim to fame is its constant f/2.8 superzoom lens. I didn’t know why this was good, but this site explains it. It has lots of advanced features, which I’m just beginning to explore. The same helpful British chap who had the solution for my Lumix dust-on-the-sensor problem has some excellent video tutorials for my new camera. In the picture above, I’m trying to use the manual focus with a shallow depth of field. Looking at the full size image, it appears that the sharpest focus was right at the tip of kitty’s nose.

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