The Resident Expert and I share a fairly long commute, so as we crawled onto the freeway yesterday I proposed, “let’s count all the animals we see”. The first part of the drive is through the Silicon Valley flat lands, so we didn’t expect to see tons of animals. The cat that lives near the on ramp (Rothko) wasn’t around, but there were a few Rock Pigeons, and a corvid or two. Then a few robins or similar, more pigeons, and a Red-tailed Hawk as we proceeded. When we get into the foothills, the variety expands to include squirrels, deer, some long-tailed rodent that I couldn’t identify, and more soaring birds such as the Kite and Turkey Vulture. Not bad! We’re starting to get a pretty good animal count here. Shouldn’t I be paying attention to the road, you ask? Sure. Except that I might miss one of the animals. We exited the 280 and started winding down the hill to our little town, where the likelihood of cat sightings would increase. For the animal count, we considered cats to be ‘wild animals’ and eligible, but dogs would not be eligible if accompanied by a human. No cats, but plenty more bird species. What was the final tally? Fifty-six.bison

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