I might have said previously that the search on Netflix is no good. Let me update that by saying that it is still ‘no good’. I searched for “Macbeth”, thinking that maybe they had the Welles (excellent) or Polanski (weird) versions available, but no. They helpfully suggested “Sherlock” (saw that, not interested.), ‘Arrested Development’ (eh. why?), ‘Hamlet’ (different guy.), and ‘Star Trek’ (I should hardly think so.). What is so difficult about getting the search to work good on Netflix? If this is the kind of Big Data sleuthing we can expect from NSA, then we’re all doomed. They even offered up their own series, ‘House of Cards’. I already rated that “didn’t like it’. But there it is, on offer as a worthy alternate to Macbeth.

This is how Orson Welles would react to seeing ‘House of Cards’ in his search results.


I read somewhere that Welles didn’t like the costumes they were able to get from Republic Pictures for his movie, and that his outfit made him look like the Statue of Liberty. I can kind of see that.

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