It’s a good thing that they’re taking forever to decide what to do with the local Cargill salt ponds, because it’s given me time to come up with an opinion. Let’s cut to the chase: I’m for full wetlands restoration. The people up in the north bay are leading the way on this. Take a look; this could be us.


You can read the full story here. Our local salt ponds have been considered a development opportunity, initially envisioned as including 12,000 housing units and over 1 million sq. ft. of office and retail space on the 1400 acres of filled-in salt ponds. Developers loved the idea, but it didn’t catch on with the locals. The consensus view was that the housing/office/retail development should be concentrated near the city center and transit hub. And we now have success stories from around the bay that illustrate the advantages of a full wetlands restoration. So, let’s proceed.


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