The work is well underway. We’ve leveled the top terraces to create more camp site space, added the Sonoma Wall Rock for the center raised bed, and rebuilt the steps as a long low bench that also functions as a step down to the camp site.

Carried all these rocks down here.  Good thing the camp site is down hill from the garage.

wall rock

Next thing is to add plants. October is a good time for new plants to get going around here, so the main gardening action will start in a couple of weeks. We did place a couple of new plants already; a native currant and ceanothus. These are positioned to block the view of a particularly disorderly section of the backyard fence.

new plants

You can identify about four generations of fencing at this junction. Homeowners of the past just kept attaching new fence boards and stabilizing patches to the ancient fence. In the foreground you see the end of the new bench and step that I made. It has a long sweeping curve along the front, which was done free-hand with the circular saw.


Looking forward to getting the new plants in. I have a couple of weeks to mess around with positioning the new stone and continue with some soil work. The local birds, squirrels, and cats have already approved of the changes.

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