It’s Fall, as of 1:44 PST Sunday. That seems about right to me. At around 1:30, it stopped seeming like Summer. We got the rain they promised yesterday.

With rain on the way, I figured I’d weed out the invasive fast growing creeping grass that seemed to be taking over the front lawns. I could easily identify it, because it was the “green” grass in our lawn. Due to my diligent watering of our dead lawn, I could easily pull out this thriving, but not something I planted, grass from the lawn. Then I fertilized the “lawn” with Dr. Earth.  That’s the name of the fertilizer I use for everything. They have different kinds. I use “Dr. Earth’s Acid Lover” for the maples, rhodies and azaleas. But I’d probably buy it anyway just for the name. When I use their fertilizers, the Resident Expert declares it to be “Dr. Earth’s Medicine Show”. Fine. Whatever.

I had just enough time to dose the front lawns with their lawn food Medicine Show, and then the rain came down. We got about .25 of an inch. Not bad for September.

The Camp Arrowhead Project didn’t see a whole lot of action this weekend, but I did get around to adding more soil to the raised bed. I have like five different kinds of dirt in there now. Some things already started growing in the new dirt, but I removed them. I wasn’t sure what they were. Here’s a weird thing that happened after the rain. The following morning we saw hundreds of flying bugs coming out of the new decomposed granite I just put down in the camp site. They were elbowing (if they even have elbows) their way out of the DG and off they went, fluttering up and over the house. The Resident Expert said it was “like a bubble machine”. No finer compliment can we pay to Nature. Here’s a video of the little guys taking off.

I wasn’t sure if they were ants or termites, but I was really hoping for ants. But the more I look into this, I think it might have been termites. They were coming out right where we used to have a section of pressure treated wood on the ground. It was used as a step, and I took it out a couple of weeks ago and leveled that area with the new DG. The wood was pretty well munched where it had been in contact with the ground, so as I write this I am convincing myself that they were indeed termites. Oh great.

Here’s a nice Mourning Dove, chillin’ on Sunday morning down in the new dirt I just added.

We thought the backyard birds would be feasting on the flying bugs, but they showed no interest.

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