The view from Sentinel Dome, just before dawn this morning.


I snagged this from one of the Yosemite Conservancy’s webcams. The webcams are the only ones taking in the view today, because of the GOPShutdown.

In other news, the ACA health care exchanges are now open, although they say the web sites are struggling to keep up with traffic. Could it be that something other than real people who need health care is hammering the web sites with thousands of requests per second? I can just see John Boehner sitting at his desk repeatedly hitting ‘reload’ in his AOL web browser. That’s one way to stop Obamacare.

For now, the marmots will miss out on the extra snack foods from visitors to Glacier Point, and people who have waited years for access to health care will wait a little longer. Until we can get back to Yosemite, why not pitch in to the Yosemite Conservancy’s fund to restore habitat and trails following the Rim Fire?

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