Well, almost complete. We talked about adding a fence way in the back that I’m supposed to make out of bamboo and assorted fence posts. Is that really necessary? Time will tell. For now, here’s where we’re at.

Hey, what, woah. Is that a shed or similar structure we see back there? Indeed it is. We’ve added a Cedarshed 4×2 Garden Hutch down here for added storage. Can never have enough structures to contain things you probably don’t really need (see: garage). We already have one of these, and so I was well aware of the number of pieces that come in the shed kit. You have to assemble it. It has 1,760,237 pieces. Approximately. Be sure that you don’t grab the 65 and 1.5″ Side Trim piece when you should be selecting the 67″ x 2.5″ Back Center Trim piece. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

This will come in handy though. I already know what’s going in there, never to be seen or used again.

The project is now entering the Agriculture Phase, which involves plants. I already added some grasses, which Kitty is happy about. I don’t mind if she munches on them, but I’d prefer that she didn’t lay on them until they’re well established.

One casualty of the project has been my otherwise durable West Country gloves. I’ve been patching them with Duct Tape. Somebody once told me that you can fix a lot of things with tape. True, but I would say that the fix is temporary.


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