Here it is, rising over the neighbor’s house.

hunter's moon

Our patio lights look a lot brighter in this picture than in real life. Look how red the maple tree is getting to be. Needs to get a little taller, as well. This was some week, I am about to tell you.

The Resident Expert is going through a Regime Change at work, with the associated societal upheaval. My week included the launch of my first native apps for iOS and Android, and a thing where I had to talk in front of a bunch of people. The app launch was challenging and exciting, but I could have done without the talking to people. My bias is sort of Against native apps though. The iOS v. Android battle seems like we’re in the War of Currents between Edison and Westinghouse. I’d rather just be working on web apps. But it was a new thing to figure out, which is fun.

On Thursday morning as I set out for my early morning run I heard many sirens. And helicopters started hovering not too far away. What gives? There was a large apartment fire, which eventually reached six alarms. The building will probably be a total loss, but everybody is accounted for. The firemen rescued a cat. Poor little guy.


I also saw a shooting star while out on that morning run. So, kind of a crazy week.

But finally Friday arrived, and we got in the car to head home and… flat tire. At first I couldn’t get the tire off, so I called triple A. The car was in the parking lot near the athletic fields, and just then they started blasting music that I didn’t care for. I imagine they use this same music during enhanced interrogations. The triple A guys didn’t show up immediately, so I kept working on removing the tire and eventually did so, and put the toy tire spare on. This afforded the rare opportunity for me to use the term “lug nuts” in the appropriate context.

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