It looked like snow yesterday morning when we were checking out of The Redwoods, and the desk clerk said, “oh good, you’re driving a Subaru.”. Never has an inanimate object elevated my stature so. Sure enough, we needed the Forester’s all wheel drive when the snow started coming down in earnest. Like the mountain goat it is, the old blue Subie made its sure-footed way up the Wawona Road. Around Bishop Creek, a Yosemite NP ranger was flipping open the “Chains Required” sign (with a rusty squeak; it’s been a while since it was needed). I pulled up and asked, “You think we’ll be OK?”. He replied, “You’ve got a Subaru. You’ll be fine.”


I wanted to ask the next stranger something that would yield a positive comment about our car. “Say, fellow. Do you think I would be able to drive through that mud over there?” “Why of course, my good man. You are behind the wheel of a Subaru.”

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