I’ve been blogging away here on the Mellowcat for a while now. The blog format has some features unto itself, one of which is that time-sensitive items will adhere to its surface, like chronological barnacles. For example, some time ago I had some really important things to write down about “Cash for Clunkers”. Remember that? No? Doesn’t matter. This is a feature of the blog; it imprints a record of the local or global events that rise to the level of, “I’m going to blog about that.”. It’s kind of interesting to look back from time to time and see what kinds of things merit that kind of documentation. Here’s another one. I doubt this will mean anything a few months or years from now, but here goes:

“Google Barge”.

OK, space-time continuum. Do your thing.

acorns in a granary tree

I didn’t have an appropriate image for this post, so I’m providing this one of acorns stored by the Acorn Woodpecker in a ‘granary tree’.

Maybe it was appropriate after all.

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