You might think that the life lessons of Kevin Costner would be mostly cautionary tales, but I am about to totally change your mind about that. Years ago he made a movie called The Guardian, now largely forgotten (and not available on Netflix streaming so I cannot verify that what I am about to recall is true). In this film, he is the experienced but aging know-it-all on his way out, who ends up showing the young whippersnapper what is what. But the key thing for me was a scene where they show Kevin Costner grilling steaks outside when there are snow flurries. (Movie is set in Alaska.)


Maybe it was just me, but I was absolutely stunned when I saw this. Most of my grilling experience has been in places with nice weather, and I had no idea it was possible to continue grilling if it was cold outside. Since then, I’ve grilled in the rain, and when it’s windy or foggy, but have not been able to duplicate the Costner conditions. But now it is damn cold. We somehow broke the jet stream, and arctic air is making its way down here. But grilling must continue, would you not agree? So there I am, out there with the chicken or the steaks, and the grill works just like it always did. There have been other cool nights where I’ve come back into the kitchen with the dogs or salmon and loudly pronounced, “it’s freezing out there!”. Tonight, that was just the weather report.

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