Our upcoming trip to Zion NP seems so far off that it’s in the realm of mythology. Eleven weeks from now? That’s beyond the event horizon. Nevertheless, we have started preparing for the excellent hiking available there by upgrading our hiking shoes. Take a look at what we have here:

On the left we have a brand new Oboz Firebrand, and on the right is one that I’ve been hiking in for a few years. I went to get me some new hiking shoes at the gettin’ place, and was shocked at how mine had worn down. Good thing it starts out with a hefty tread. My Firebrands are still good for general purpose hiking, but you really want something that’s going to grip the slickrock at Zion. Don’t want to end up in a thousand foot free-fall, which sounds like fun, but only up to a point.

So I walked out with a pair of Oboz Sawtooths, which proved out solidly on a slippery Edgewood hike. I like the Sawtooth, because it’s lighter than the Firebrand, is super comfortable right out of the box, and gives you that agile, grippy, exoskeletal ride favored by the hiking enthusiast. Observe:


Looks like it’s going to walk right of the page, doesn’t it? So we have eleven weeks to break in these bad boys. That’s just about right.

See you on the trail.

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