February – could you stand up for a moment, February? OK, everybody, let’s give February a round of applause for all the good rain. Things are starting to green up, and we might be going from catastrophic drought to just a run-of-the-mail extreme drought. You done good, February.

In light of this, I wonder why the National Weather Service is still highlighting the amount of rain we’d have to get to reach “normal” for the year. Normal ain’t gonna happen, NWS. We were at 15% of normal in January, and after February’s heroic efforts we’re around 40%. Let’s see about getting to 50% by the end of the rainy season and call it a day. Normal. Maybe next year.

But I will say that, more importantly, NWS did a fantastic job with the forecasting and rainfall projections for this week’s storms. The two systems were tricksy, with unusual paths, dynamics, and persistence, but we ended up right where they said we’d be when all was said and done. They’re very good at what they do.

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