After our breakout camping season last year I started hearing the song “Wild Child” by Mr. Brett Dennen on the radio. It does such a fine job of summing up the good times in the great outdoors as we have experienced them, it seemed like a souvenir of the summer. So he earned himself an entry in my Pandora channel lineup, and I acquired his most recent release, “Smoke and Mirrors”. The whole thing is good, from start to finish, so if you don’t have it already, run out and get it.

I previewed this for the Resident Expert on our ritual visit to the RV Show in Pleasanton last January. There’s a fair amount of road noise in the Forester, so some lyrics weren’t coming through all that clear on first listen. Which is why she asked, “did he just say ‘don’t let smoking beavers make it cloudy’?” No, that’s “smoke and mirrors make it cloudy”, but your confusion is understandable.

This music is great as your soundtrack when starting out on a weekend adventure, and now it doesn’t take long after we head out on the road for the Navigator to say, “let’s fire up the smoking beavers tape.”. It’s not a tape, but whatever. Fire it up.

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