If you consider yourself part of the Nation, then I suggest you take full advantage of your National Forests. Not only does the USFS offer good, off the beaten track campgrounds, but you can also basically camp elsewhere anywhere you like, for free, if you can find a good spot in the hundreds of millions of acres that the Nation has set aside for you. BLM lets you do this as well, so a couple hundred million more acres over there. Officially, this is called Dispersed Camping, I suppose to discourage people from finding out about it. But it’s one of the incredible perks you get as an American, and goes nicely with other perks such as freedom and liberty. We stayed in a USFS camp a few days ago, which at one time was a group of Dispersed Camping sites, with good camping spots selected by good people who knew what was good. The USFS recognized its inherent goodness, and made it an official campground. You can still find some of the extra good spots around the camp that people used in the past, but weren’t deemed suitable for the paying customers for whatever reason, so they’re returning to their natural state. But the numbered, picnic-tabled spots are plenty good. Check this out.

Yes, that is a trout-jammed, wild and scenic river down there. Oh, and did I mention we were the only ones in the camp? The first night we had a neighbor, but after that we had the whole place to ourselves. So if any of this sounds good to you, I suggest that you throw the tent and some hot dogs in the car and head up into the mountains.

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