On the way home from work last night the Civic had a flat tire. Fortunately, this happened while I was going 70 in the fast lane. We made it over to the right shoulder, and Resident Expert stood guard while I switched to the spare, promising to let me know if I was about to be slaughtered by a wayward Google bus. Soon enough we were on our way.

White on White - Kazimir Malevich, 1918
White on White – Kazimir Malevich, 1918

Leaving home this morning in the Other Car, and I noticed how startlingly small that spare tire is on the Honda. Really tiny tire. That prompted me to improvise what some guy would say about it. I mean, what would people think? The Resident Expert then said, “Blend in.”. I think what the Resident Expert is saying here is that I don’t want to stand out and be noticed for anything. As in all cases where I am brought to realize some personal characteristic that I am unlikely or unwilling to change, I quickly come around to thinking it’s pretty great. Yes, by all means, blend in! When I’m on vacation, I certainly don’t want to be mistaken for a tourist. Heaven forbid. I’m one of the locals: just happened to stop here at the Vista Point to have my sandwich. The animals are pretty good at blending in, and they usually know what they’re doing. The cat is a great example. You just try finding that cat in the backyard some evening when it’s time to go back inside. With her camo fur she can fade right into the scenery. Blending in.

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