Yesterday evening I went out to tidy up the front yard, and returned quite discouraged. The drought and our water use cutback has really whacked the heck out of our plants. I’ve already removed some water hogs that I didn’t like anyway, but now the more resilient plants are totally stressed out. Still a ways to go before we see real rain – in fact some of our warmest and driest days are around back-to-school time. It’s almost enough to drive one to turn the sprinklers on. But I will hold fast. Here’s a colorful image that will entertain and amaze you.


It’s the rainfall forecast for the next two weeks, and California is missing out on all the action. The person who shared it had it right when he said it “might as well be an annual precip chart”. I got this from, which is now my go-to source for California weather and climate info. Weather West himself has informative and authoritative articles, but the comments section brings great additional value. You know how the comments sections on most web sites are useless, infuriating, or unpleasant? Just the opposite here. Some of the WW articles can get 500 or more comments, and they’re almost all worth reading. People are providing daily weather info from around the state, and many of them are well-versed in the meteorological lingo, so presumably they know what they’re talking about. The emotions can run high, especially when a promising weather system fizzles out, but then Weather West will have a comment that gets everyone back on an even keel.

For me, this is much like the experience I had following the Oil Drum after Deepwater Horizon. The people commenting there were oil drilling experts, Gulf fishermen, geologists, mechanical engineers, biologists, and roughnecks. Once in a while you’d get a tin-foil hat guy, but for the most part it was fascinating to follow these people as they worked the problem.


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