I’m always on the lookout for some new, unlisted bird. They are not as readily seen these days. Most of the regulars have made an appearance. We were hiking in the Cold Creek Open Space and I saw a two-toned bird feasting on drought-ravaged berries. Could be a new bird. Looks different. I took a bunch of pictures from far away, just in case it took off as we approached. It stayed put, however, not at all bothered until we were about 15 feet away, and then it blasted off with a tell-tale flash of white tail feathers. Isn’t that just what you’d expect from the Dark-eyed Junco?


Not a new bird, of course. It’s probably one of the first birds I’d recorded on eBird when I got the List going. He’s a regular and welcome companion in the backyard and out on the trail. You don’t usually see them off the ground, however. They even nest on the ground. But this fellow couldn’t resist the temptation of dried up berries from three years ago. These everyday birds are full of surprises.

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